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Load MARC data

Learn how to search for and load a batch of MARC records into OLIB.

Search for the batch to be loaded – here a Batch Number search has been performed.

Open the record – check the linked file to import and from the Actions box - choose the ‘Pre- process/Load Data’ option.

Click OK - depending on the size of file the process will take a few minutes.

Once this process has completed the MARC Summary sheet of the layout will include a summary of the tags and data associated with them.

Return to the MARC Import Batch sheet - check the linked file again and from the Actions box – this time choose the ‘Load Data’ option.

A confirmation message will appear.

The batch load process runs through three stages:

  • Parsing: Retrieving each field from each record. This is done by the Pre-Process/Load Data step
  • Converting: Converting the data from the format supplied to MARC21 for import by applying the E-Books MARC Mappings
  • Loading: Creating the titles from the converted data

You can identify which stage the file has reached by refreshing your screen display – hit the refresh icon on the toolbar.

Once the batch is complete the display will be Loaded.

If the status moves to Failed – check on the object details (click on the file in ‘Files to Import’) and look at the Summary Results field on the Related Items and Control Data sheet of the layout.

For an import to work correctly your Normalise server must be running (on most systems it will be). You can also search the Import Log from the Data Exchange domain on the Menu.

Search by batch number.

If you have any problems with the load failing, please contact OCLC Support.