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Example MARC import: JISC e-books file

Discover an example MARC import procedure using an E-Books file.

JISC continue to make available a collection of e-books in a variety of subjects at levels appropriate to teaching in FE Colleges in the UK. Subscription is free to all UK FE institutions. Access to these e-books is via the ebrary platform, under unlimited concurrent access. There are currently 409 e-books available for access until 31 August 2016.

The collection includes e-books selected for their significance or relevance to FE colleges in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The Collection contains e-books from a variety of publishers, including Bloomsbury, Cengage, Hodder Education and Taylor & Francis. The e-books available cover subjects as diverse as fashion, design, childcare, health and social care, automotive engineering and hospitality.

More information can be found on the JISC website at

This guide aims to describe how the records can be imported into OLIB.

You will need to be logged into OLIB as the System Administrator to be able to import the records from JISC which are MARC formatted records.