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Issues with selected return date

Discover how to set an alternative return date when issuing in OLIB.

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Items can be issued with an alternative return date instead of the system generated return date. For example, you may wish to set an alternative return date if a user will be away and is unable to return items by the normal due date.

  1. Scan or key in the User barcode.
  2. Toggle the Ret.Date/Time field from Auto to Manual in the drop down box.
  3. Click the calendar symbol to the right of date field. From the calendar select an alternative return date. OLIB displays this date. If you enter a date that is a closed day, OLIB alerts you to this. If issuing a Short Loan item, enter a time [format 00:00].
  4. Scan or key the Copy barcode to issue the item with the specified return date.
  5. Once you have entered the required date, all issues or renewals to that user will be assigned the specified return date. (To revert back to the system generated issue date, change the Ret.Date/Time back to Auto - although the alternative return date remains in the date field, it is ignored).

Clear (F6): this button [F6] clears the details of the current user (but retains the manual return date).

Clear All (F7): this button may also be present on your system. This clears away the manual return date/time as well as the details of the current user.

Fixed Return Dates

A fixed return date can be entered in Loan Terms to apply to all subsequent loans for the respective copy/user category regardless of the loan period. The System Manager or Issue Desk Manager can set this up. Once the fixed return date is set, OLIB issues all copies of the specified category to this date. This feature is particularly useful in academic libraries at the end of an academic term and can be used in preference to setting a specified alternative Return Date.