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Learn about straightforward return transactions in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

Without user barcode

There is no need to enter the user barcode for the return of items.

  1. Click in the Copy field and scan or key in the item barcode. OLIB displays the details of the transaction in the Transactions box, the user’s details and the details of other items on loan to that user.
  2. After you return an item, the cursor remains focused in the copy field, ready for the barcode of the next item for return. Scan or key the next barcode.

The Transactions box now lists the 2 items with a transaction of Return .

The On Loan field shows the count of the items on loan. This decreases as items are returned.  

 When all items are returned, press Clear [F6] ready for the next transaction.

With user barcode

  1. Scan or key the user’s barcode in the User field. OLIB displays the user’s details, and displays the items on loan in the Loan Items box.
  2. Scan or key the item barcode in the Copy field. Each transaction is displayed in the Transactions box. The On Loan count decreases as each item is returned.
  3. Scan any further item barcodes for return.
  4. When all items for the current user are returned, press Clear [F6] ready for the next transaction.
  5. Repeat the process for the next user.

When returning items, OLIB displays any messages or warnings relating to the users or the items. These remain on screen until you acknowledge them. You should note and act upon the message as required.


  Display Last User: if present on your system, use this button to show a pop up summary of the last User to go through the Circ desk screen, e.g.:

The last user to have been displayed on this issue screen was Davy Gill (barcode H41197447),
last on the screen at 11:41:14 on 11 Oct 2019 - Ok

Returns from Loan Items list

In the Circ.Desk screen you can return Items using the Loan Items list box:

  1. Go to the Loan Items box.
  2. Check the box to select those items you want to return and choose Return Selected Items from the list of actions.
  3. Alternatively choose Return All.

Return All or Return Selected Items allow you to return items in a batch. If there is a problem with the return transaction, the item will not be returned and the reason for rejecting it will NOT be displayed. To find out why it could not be returned, return it normally using the Copy field so that OLIB displays the alert(s) normally.