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Additional fields in circulation

Discover extra fields that can be added for circulation in OLIB.


​In addition to the fields available on the default screen layout, the system administrator can implement the following optional fields in Circulation. The system administrator would need to use Layout manager to achieve this. All attributes are intended for the Issue/Returns/Renewals screen unless indicated otherwise.

 Some attributes require explanation.

Attribute Description
Balance (Manual): iss_manual_sum   Displays the total amount of manual charges for this user.
Address Type: iss_atp Used to determine which of the user's address to show in the iss_boraddr attribute.
Address: iss_boraddr   Displays the user's address for the type indicated by the iss_atp attribute.
Book Details: iss_copydetails   
Borrower: iss_borrower   Displays the user's barcode for the borrower.
Clear (Incl. Manual Ret. Date): (iss_clear2) Clears away the manual return date/time as well as the details of the current user.  
Copy Transactions (Pr.Loan.): iss_transactions2   An alternative displays of circulation transactions suited to project loan workflows.
Count of Issues: iss_issuecount  Displays the number of transactions recorded for the copy.
Display Last User: iss_display_last_user Re-displays the details of the last user to go through the issue desk.   
Expiry Date (iss_expdate) Displays the User Expiry Date on the Circ. Desk screen.
Last Transactions: iss_lasttrans Displays the transactions that have occurred in this session since the last time the information was manually cleared.
Loaned Titles: iss_loantitles      
Objects: bo_objects  Objects field for adding User photo. (Added to Users domain)
Receipt Layout: iss_receipt_layout Allows the staff member to select the layout to use for receipt printing.
Transfer All: iss_transferall Transfers all loans to another borrower.
Transfer To User Name: iss_borbarcodeto_name   Displays the user's name that has been chosen for transferring loans to.
User Addresses: iss_addrs Displays the user's addresses for selection of the address to record for a postal loan transaction.
User Category: iss_borcat Displays the user's category for the borrower.
User Email: iss_mailid   Displays the user's email address for the borrower.
User Notes: iss_bornotes Displays the user's note field for the borrower.
User Photo: iss_userimage User Photo field on the Circ Desk screen. 
User Seccode: iss_borseccode Displays the user's secondary identifier (Seccode) for the borrower.