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About the Circ. Desk screen

Learn how to access and use the Circ. Desk screen in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif The Issues/ Returns/ Renewals screen can be opened from anywhere within OLIB by clicking Circ.Desk (barcode icon) on the toolbar [Ctrl+i].

All issues, returns and renewals are performed from this circulation screen, usually using a barcode scanner or reader. From here, you can also access other screens, for example, to view user and copy records when required. For circulation desk PCs this screen is usually left open throughout the day.

In general a borrower's lending rights are checked in this order:

  • user record
  • loan terms
  • borrower category

Transaction Types

In OLIB the activities carried out at the Circ.Desk are called Transaction Types and a number of them are available:

To switch between transaction types, select the required option from the drop down list. Transaction Types marked * may require specific reference data.

Transaction Type Brief Description
Auto Typically, this is the default transaction type. The system will issue an item if it is available for loan and return an item if it is already on loan.
Issue By setting the PC to this transaction type, issues only will be performed. This is designed for libraries where there is a separate issue terminal.
Return By setting the PC to this transaction type, returns only will be performed. This is designed for libraries where there is a separate returns terminal.
Renewal To ensure renewal transactions are counted as a renewal.
Non-Loan Return Enables you to record the ’return’ of items, which have been used in the library and not re-shelved, thus keeping statistics of items used in the library but not actually borrowed.
Unseen Renewal * Here you can control and limit the number of times a user can renew an on loan item without presenting it physically at the circulation desk. These transactions are differentiated from normal seen renewals. All self-renewals carried out in WebView count as Unseen Renewals.
Issue / Return In transit Used when an item returned by a user is required to satisfy a reservation at a different location.
Claims Lost Return Used when a user claims that he/she has lost an item that is recorded as on loan to him/her.

icon_refresh.gif Refresh: from the Circ. Desk when using a button to access a related screen e.g. Pay Charges and then returning to the Circ. Desk, you can use the Refresh icon to update circulation details.

The Transaction Types that are displayed can be configured by the system administrator.