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Lost item returns

Learn how to perform a Claims Lost Return transaction in OLIB.

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Claims Lost Return Transaction

This is a transaction type to be used when a User claims that he/she has lost an item that is recorded as on loan to him/her. To process a Claims Lost Return transaction:

  1. In the Circ. Desk screen, set Transaction Type to Claims Lost Return.
  2. Return the item as normal by entering the barcode in the Copy field.

OLIB returns the item as a Claims Lost return, and the User will be recorded in the Lost By field in the item's Copy record. In addition, a list of copies that the User has lost is included in the Lost Copies list box in the User domain.

If the item is subsequently brought back to the library and you perform a Return transaction, OLIB responds:

This copy is marked as unavailable.  It has a copy status of Claims Lost [cmc016]


Click Yes to continue.

 Note: you will need to go to the Copies screen and manually update the Copy Status to e.g. Available to make the Copy available for circulation again.