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Loan and copy status

Discover how statuses are used in OLIB.

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The Loan and Copy Status describes the current state of a copy of an item.

Loan status

A pre-defined list of Loan Statuses are provided as standard. These determine what circulation actions are possible based on the current status of any particular Copy:

Key ID Short Description
A Available
O On Loan
U Unavailable
H Held


 Caution: all of these loan statuses are required by OLIB and should not be deleted or added to.

Copy status

Each Copy Status belongs to a specific Loan Status – one of Available, On Loan, Held or Unavailable. They further describe the loan status, e.g. the Loan Status On Loan includes the Copy Statuses On loan and Loan - To Be Withdrawn.

A pre-defined list of Copy Statuses are provided as standard.

Key ID Short Description Long Description
LOAN* On Loan On Loan
LOANW* Loan – Wdrw On Loan – To Be Withdrawn
AVL* Available Available
AVLW* Avail – Wdrw Available – To Be Withdrawn
HELD* Reserved Reserved
HELDW* Res – Wdrw Reserved – To be Withdrawn
WRDW* Missing Lost Presumed Missing
WDRWW* Withdrawn Withdrawn From Circulation
BIND Bind – Wdrw Withdrawn For Binding
ATBIN Binding At Binders
ODUE* Overdue Overdue
LODUE* Long Overdue Long Overdue
RECAL* Recalled Recalled
LRECL* Odue Recall Overdue Recall
INTR* In Transit In Transit
INCAT In Cat. In Cataloguing
PLN   On P. Loan On Permanent Loan
PLNW P.Loan - WDRW On Permanent Loan - To be Withdrawn

  Caution: the copy statuses marked * are required by OLIB and should not be deleted.


OLIB Defaults (Overdue Defaults) allows the system manager to specify which statuses should be used when overdues and recalls occur.

Permanent loans

PLN and PLNW are used for issuing permanent loans. PLN is the default setting for permanent loans set in OLIB Defaults (Overdue Defaults).

Issues allowed?

This Yes/No flag indicates whether copies on this copy status should be issued at the Circ. Desk. If set to No, a message displays -

This item has a copy status which indicates that it is not allowed to be issued
By default the operator can click Continue to override the message, issue the item and thereby change it's status to On Loan.

( Circulation messages allow you to configure whether such messages can be overridden).

Add a new copy status

All Copy Statuses must be linked to the relevant Loan Status. In practice, several Copy Statuses can be linked to a single Loans Status. For example the Copy Statuses of At Binders, In Processing, Repairs, can all be linked to the Unavailable Loan Status.

  1. In Key ID enter a unique code.
  2. Enter a long and short description.
  3. Select the Loan Status from the drop down list of available loan statuses.
  4. If this Copy Status belongs to the Loan Status Available, you may want to set Expect on Shelf?=Yes for the purposes of Stocktaking.
  5. Set Permanent Loan? to No unless this new status is to be used for items issued on permanent loan (e.g. PLN and PLNW are already provided with this setting).
  6. In Withdraw set to Yes or No to indicate whether items with this Copy Status are to be set to Withdrawn when passed through the issue/return process. If this flag is set to Yes, a prompt message appears in the Issue screen to alert the operator that a copy should be withdrawn. When the flag is set to Yes for a particular Copy Status it may be used to change items to the Loan Status of Unavailable.

Lost and missing copies

The Copy Status domain includes a Lost Status field. By default this is set to Yes for these Copy Statuses:

  • Claims Lost (Key ID CLOST)
  • Lost presumed missing (Key ID WRDW)

 Note: if your OLIB system includes other copy statuses that represent a Lost or Missing status, their Lost Status field should be set to Yes manually.

When you use the relevant Transaction Types in the Circ Desk, e.g. Claims Lost Returned, OLIB sets the Status to e.g. Claims Lost.

OLIB records the date and time on which a copy was flagged as Lost. This is shown in Copies, at the foot of the page: Miscellaneous Copy Settings: Recorded as Missing on.

 Note: if you re-introduce a Copy into Circulation by changing the Status to Available, you will also need to clear the date from Recorded as Missing on.