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Bulk copy entry

Learn how to add copy records in bulk to a title in OLIB.

►Cataloguing > Bulk Copy Entry

OLIB provides a simple and quick way of creating a lot of copy records for a specified title or multi-volume set. For example, you may have 40 or more copies for a music Vocal Set or 30 copies of a classroom textbook.

The Bulk Copy Entry screen has Titles bibliographic data in the top half and Copies (holdings ) data in the lower half. It is similar to the Titles menu option except that it has:

  • a titles Keyword search by default
  • a limited number of search options
  • all the fields are set to read-only except for the copy data entry fields
  • there are more copy data entry fields

 Note: the Copy Barcode attribute will need to be added to the layout using Layout Manager.

Add copies in bulk

  1. Go to Cataloguing> Bulk Copy Entry.
  2. Search for a title and display it in modify mode.
  3. In Default Values, select the title from the first drop down list.
  4. The Copy Information section displays the copy drop down data entry fields together with existing defaults. OLIB displays any default values set for Location, Copy Category, etc. that applies to the currently logged in user and the PC location.
  5. To add copy barcodes -

Using only TAB:

  1. Edit the reference data defaults if required. Use up/down arrow to find preferred data. When displayed e.g. correct Category, [TAB] to the next default, e.g. Status.
  2. When ready [TAB] from Shelfmark to Barcode.
  3. Enter the barcode [TAB] (screen redraws).
  4. [TAB] again to go to >>.
  5. Press [Enter] for OLIB to create the new copy record.
  6. Repeat above steps ii-v for any other copies that have the same defaults.

Using mouse:

  1. Edit the reference data defaults if required by selecting from the drop downs.
  2. Enter the barcode and click >> (screen re-draws).
  3. Click >> again. OLIB creates the new copy record. Barcode is cleared and the focus is back in Shelfmark.
  4. To create more copies with same defaults, enter the barcode for the next copy and click >>

New copy records appear in Recent Copies. As OLIB creates each one the focus is placed back on Shelfmark so you can edit any defaults again if needed for additional copies.

 Note: use the Default Values button to quickly reset all of the reference data fields to their default value.

 Note: if you enter a copy barcode in Barcode and [Enter], the cursor still stays in the barcode field once the screen has refreshed; also if you press [Enter] again, the cursor moves “backwards” to Shelfmark. This cursor movement pattern cannot be changed.

The Recent Copies list box displays copies created in the last 7 days.

The All Copies list box displays all copies added.

 Note: a General Lookup value can be added if required; Attributes can be added and/or removed from the Copy Information section using Layout Manager to tailor the feature for your library.