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When I try to mass delete items, my menu option to mass delete is greyed out

  • I have created a file of items to delete, but when I access this file and go to Table > MassItemDeletion that option is greyed out and not available to choose
Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitems

It is to do with the user permissions in more recent versions of Amlib. It was requested that the ability to apply permissions be instigated, so it is possible to decide who is able/not able to delete items en masse. 

If a User is to be granted permission to mass delete items, follow this process within Supervisor.

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames.
  2. Highlight the User by clicking in the grey column next to the Username so that the whole line shows black.
  3. Click F8 Choose.
  4. The User Security window will display.
  5. Go to ActualMainMenu > Stockitems > MassItemDeletion (3rd from the bottom in the menu) and click that option.
  6. Click the green Give button.
  7. Close out of the window with the X in the top right hand window.
  8. Log out of Amlib.
  9. Log back into Amlib and you should now be able to use the Mass Item Deletion menu option.


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