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When I run my Borrower History report the names are repeated

  • When viewing the readhis.qrp report for Borrower History, the names and totals are not consolidated, repeat each name several times
Applies to
  • Amlib Reports

This report needs an order set so that the calculations are accurate:

  1. Access the Main > Reports > RepBorrower window.
  2. Highlight the History Report being run.
  3. Go to F9 Order.
  4. Ensure that BorClass and BorBarNo are on the right hand side Order By column.
  5. If not, arrow them across in that order.
  6. Press F3 Save.
  7. Check the report with F8 View. It should now be correct.
Additional information
  • Even if you don't use Borrower Class Codes, it is still important to have this moved to the order, as the calculations require this field
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