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When I loan an item out I get a warning about a date restriction and I can only loan items for one day

  • In Circulation, a message displays indicating that the loan may have hit a date restriction. The date of return has already passed and the the loan will be permitted for today only 
Applies to
  • Amlib Circulation

It will be necessary to check the Main > Supervisor > Installation menu parameters:

  1. Access to the Installation Menu and Choose Location. Highlight the usual login location and click OK.
  2. Go to the Circulation TAB.
  3. Check the dates in the following parameters as appropriate:
    • All items must be returned by the following date
    • All Semester loans are due back on the following date
    • All Term loans are due back on the following date
    • All Year loans are due back on the following date
  4. Change the dates as required in the Value column.
  5. Save with F3.
  6. Close out of Amlib and log back in before performing any new loans.
  7. Access Amlib Circulation again and there should no longer be any messages about date restrictions set.
Additional information
  • If there are still date restrictions, then check the Main > Borrowers > BorrowerTypes to ensure that no Return By Dates set for a Borrower Type that are now past the current date. If there are, update these dates and save. Log out of Amlib and log back in and the loans should now go through without the Date Restriction warning
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