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When I import my new records in borrower import I do not have a matching borrower class code to match what is coming from the administration file

  • In Main > Borrower > Borrower Import. After I open the File from the office and go to the Setup Menu, I do not have an Amlib Class code that matches the Imported Class code
Applies to
  • Amlib Borrower
  • Borrower Import

The Class code is likely to be a new Class code not used by Amlib previously:

  1. You will need to access Main > Borrowers > Borrower Classes.
  2. Click F1 New.
  3. Enter the Class code to be used by Amlib. For example RM8.
  4. Enter a Class Name / description as appropriate. For example Room 8 Mrs James.
  5. Click F3 Save.
  6. Return to the Borrower import > Setup Menu and you now have a code to use within Amlib for the Imported Class code
Additional information
  • If there are many Class codes to enter as new codes, enter these as described above. Then log out of Borrower and back in prior to returning to the Borrower Import > Setup Menu. If this is done, the codes should pre-fill for you without having to go through the matching process
  • Remember that Ctrl H should bring up the online Help pages to assist you in creating new codes within the Module you are using
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