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I want to set up to disallow items to be renewed if they are overdue via SIP2 Manager for my diy loan kiosks

Applies to
  • Amlib SIP2 Manager
  • Amlib DIY loan kiosk

You need to have a parameter set within the relevant incidence and ensure that the relevant messages use this parameter.

This parameter only needs to exist on the Parameter table. Leave as a Constant source and will be checked at the time if it is chosen as a parameter to check.

The Parameter is in the standard set of 3M parameters but if you need to add it as a new parameter follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the relevant instance and select Edit Parameters.
  2. Press F1 New.
  3. Enter the description Allow Renew of Overdue item.
  4. Enter the message: This item is overdue and may not be renewed.
  5. Set the main Type to be Item.
  6. Enter the Source Type to be Constant.
  7. Set the Null Value to be Not Allowed.
  8. Enter Y in the Source Value.
  9. Set the Target Type to be String Value.
  10. Set the Operator to be Equal.
  11. Enter Y in the Target Value.
  12. Click Apply.
  13. Click OK.

Edit the relevant Messages (for example 12,30,66) to use this Parameter to Check.

Additional information
  • Ensure the Messages do not use the Parameter to Process "RenewOverdueItem" as that will cause a conflict with the parameter and items that are overdue will still be renewed
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