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I want to search items received since a certain date

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem
  1. Access Amlib > Main > Stockitem.
  2. Enter a date into the Received Field.
  3. Click the button to the right of this field to perform the required query:

< Date less than the date entered

= Date equal to the date entered

> Date more than the date entered (this is the default)

  1. After entering the date and selecting the correct button, press the F5 Query button to view the table of results.


Additional information
  • It is possible to combine other fields with the Date Received query - for example, combine a Form code to find out how many Books or DVDs received since a date. Other fields include a Stats code or Location. It is possible to use keywords as well - for example to find Science as a subject since a certain date. You could use a date in the past to find out how many Science books were received since a certain date to determine whether they are still relevant to be part of the collection
  • For date ranges, it is necessary to use a Stockitem Where search
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