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Volume display details

Learn how to alter volume display details in Amlib.

How to alter volume display details

Example- Add the 490 tag to the Stockitem display

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > StockItems > StockitemForms – the Form Codes table will display

     Note: You will have to apply this to each Form with which you would like to show the 490 data.

  3. Highlight a Form – for example: BK and select the F9 Display button – the Stock Display Tags screen will display:
  4. In the Tags to Display column for Line 4, type in 490 (and optionally 830) before any other tags – for example: 490 830 440 020 (the order of the tags determines their preference – for example: if no 490 tag is present, then the 830 tag will be used, and so on)
  5. Alter the Volume fields to be: 490 v
  6. Click on the F3 Save button when complete
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for all applicable Forms

Rebuild the Stockitem display

Once completed, the stock items must undergo a mass-rebuild to refresh the Line 4 and Volume Fields data. This will take some time. You may like to set it running at the end of the day to run overnight…

  1. From the Stockitem module main menu, select Application > StockitemAutolink – the Stockitem Miscellaneous window will display:
  2. Select the * Refresh ALL Items from catalogue ( excludes Periodicals and Orders ) option
  3. Enter 1 in the Start box and 9999999 in the End box
  4. Click on the Start button – the Refresh pop-up will display:
  5. Select the Series/ISBN and Volume options only (deselect all other options)
  6. Click on the OK button
  7. All stockitems will be updated from the catalogue data (depending on the number of items in your database, this could take some time)
  8. Once complete, the number of items rebuilt will be displayed: