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Value of the collection

Learn how to find the value of the collection using Stockitem reports in Amlib.

How to find the value of the collection

Several templates can be used in the Stockitem Reports screen to determine the value of the collection.

The choice of report will determine the Sort option. The one used in the example is by Form and Stats.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Reports > RepStockitem – the Stockitem Reports screen will display
  3. Click the F1 New button – the Select Report Format screen will display:
  4. Highlight this report Count by Form & Stats (&STKCFS.QRP) and click the Select button
  5. Type in a Report Description – for example: Value of the Library Collection
  6. Click the F3 Save button
  7. Click the F7 Where button – the Stockitem Reports – Where screen will display
  8. The Where parameters will depend on what you want to list:
    1. To report on the entire collection:
      1. Select ItemNo from box 1
      2. Select is not equal to () from box 2
      3. Leave box 3 blank
      4. Click the Paste button
    2. To report on what has been received this year:
      1. Select Recd from in box 1
      2. Select >= in box 2
      3. Type the date for the start of the year (for example: 01/01/2011) in box 3
      4. Click the Paste button
    3. To report on just one Location:
      1. Select PermLoc from box 1
      2. Select = in box 2
      3. Enter the relevant Location code in box 3 – for example: CHELSEA or LIB
      4. Click the Paste button
      5. Click the F3 Save button when complete
  9. The order will be fixed, so the F9 Order button should be greyed out:
  10. If you wish to view the Report before printing, click the F8 View button:
  11. Once the first page is displayed, click the print icon to send the report to the printer
  12. Alternatively, click the F6 Print button to schedule the report, and select Application > RepStartSchedule from the menu (the Scheduler must be active in order for the scheduled report to print)

All the reports give details of:

  • Total of items in each category (Count is the No of Stockitems) Unique Cats is the Count of the No of Catalogues referenced by the Stockitems) – for example: there may be one Unique catalogue that has 16 Stockitems referenced
  • Total number of Issues, Reserves, Renewals and Value
  • Grand totals for all locations