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Loan parameters

Learn how to set a loan type in Amlib.

Setting a loan type

A Loan Type can be given to a Stockitem, which overrides the default borrowing privileges of the Borrower/Item as set for the system.

This is particularly useful when certain items need to have their borrowing privileges changed e.g. for a Short Term. For example, all books with a Subject Heading of Ancient Egypt to be Overnight Loan or Closed Reserve for a month. You are able to Mass Item Change the items if they are queried and saved in a file. The file can then be mass changed back to have no loan type when the time period is complete.

  1. Navigate to Main > Stockitems > Stockitem
  2. Then go to Application > StockLoanTypes

    column explanation
    Loan Code Code up to 3 characters in length to identify the Loan Type
    Description Description of up to 50 characters in length to describe the Loan Type
    Never for Loan Y/N. If set you Y, the item will not be allowed to be circulated. The Loan Type will prohibit the issue and this cannot be overwritten by the Operator
    Overnight Only Y/N. If set to Y, the loan time will need to be set in hours rather than days e.g. 12 hours
    Default Days Set the number of days for the Loan Type
    Default Hours Set the number of hours for the Loan Type
    Items per Borrower Set the number of items allowed of this Loan Type per borrower
    + Allow Renewals Y/N Items with this Loan type can/cannot be renewed
    Renew 'n' Times If renewals are allowed, the number of times the

     Note: Loan types have to be set for either Days or Hours. It can not be a combination of both.


To set up a Loan Type e.g. Set up S for Short-term Loan of 1 hour:

  1. Press F1 New and type in the settings required

F7 only

This enables Stockitem Loan Types to apply differently to certain Borrower Types e.g. Students, not Teachers. If you don't want to apply different loan times to different borrower types leave this screen empty.

Hourly loans

To set up Hourly loans in minutes set the time period to H for Hourly loans and click the Hourly Loans button.

To use Hourly loans you need to set the Opening and Closing times of the Library

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Locations
  2. Select F9 Hours
  3. Press F3 Save
  4. Enter this code into any Stockitems that you want to be loaned out for just an hour
  5. When this item is loaned out, it is only for an hour which overrides the normal Loan period for a Video to a borrower. It was loaned out at 1.04pm now due at 2:04pm
  6. Once the items are to be loaned out for the normal amount of time, the Loan type can be removed e.g. using StockWand change.