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Creating an instance

Learn how to create an instance using the Amlib SIP2 Manager.

It is possible to create a New Instance based on an Instance created previously e.g. for different branches. This step does not need to be completed if you have converted your settings from DIY

  1. Go to Instances > Instances
  2. Select New
  3. It is possible to
    • Copy from an existing Instance
    • Create an instance using Vendor defaults
    • Create a default Instance (not recommended without Amlib support)
  4. Make a selection and Select OK
  5. Select the parameters you would like to include in the instance
  6. Select on Create Instance, then Select OK
  7. From the Instances Window it is possible to:
    • Edit Instance Description
    • Edit Messages
    • Edit Parameters
    • Delete Instances
  8. Select OK to go back to the main screen

## See the full Procedure Guide for more information