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Amlib SIP2 Manager

Learn how to login and logout of the Amlib SIP2 Manager.

Login Instructions

  1. Launch the Amlib SIP2 Manager client – the Connection Details window will display:
  2. Enter a valid Amlib User Name and Password (not case-sensitive)
  3. Select a Database – this should be the same Live database you use for Amlib
  4. Select the OK button – the Please select a location window will display:

    Choose a login location and Select the OK button (by default, the Location setup for your Username in the Amlib Installation settings will be highlighted). The first time the login occurs, The Amlib SIP2 Manager dialogue box will display. It will be necessary to enter a code for the Number of Licences the site is configured to use. If you do not have the code it will be needed before the setting up of the Manager can go any further. Contact Amlib Support to obtain the relevant code
  5. Select OK
  6. The Enter Licence Code dialogue box will display
  7. Enter the licence code and Select OK
  8. The Amlib SIP2 Manager confirmation box will appear showing the No of licenses applied

    Note: The licenses are set up as a range:
    • 1 listener
    • 2-5 listeners
    • 6-10 listeners
    • 11-20 listeners
    • 21- Unlimited listeners
  9. Select OK
    The SIP2 Manager box displays to give the information about initialising the SIP2 system before use. It is possible to convert existing DIY parameters to initialise the system
  10. Select OK to continue
  11. The Create SIP2 Master Message and/or convert DIY Parameters Dialogue box will display
  12. Select the Convert from DIY parameters if a conversion is required from the parameters set in DIY (suggested). Select the relevant parameter set and vendor
  13. At the finish, a message will display

    If the Conversion process is not run as part of the initial process, the DIY conversion process can be run from the Instances > Convert DIY Menu if required.


A context sensitive Help system is available within the Amlib Sip2 Manager client using the F1 key:

  • From the menu, select Help > Help – the Help guide will then open

In addition, a Getting Started guide and the full Procedures Manual (both in PDF) can be accessed from the Help menu.

Logout Instructions

  1. From the menu, select File > Exit
  2. The Amlib SIP2 Manager client will close