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Remove a set parameter

Learn how to remove a configured parameter in the Amlib SIP2 Manager.

Removing a configured parameter

These are the steps required to remove a parameter once the instance has been set up -

A Parameter may have been selected in the initial creation of the instance that is not required by the device or connection: For example: Borrower PIN authentication.

  1. Login to SIP2 Manager
  2. Select instances from the top of the screen
  3. Highlight the instance you need to adjust
  4. Select Edit Parameters
  5. Select DELETE
  6. You will now get an error message, saying this setting can’t be deleted as its connected (referenced) to other parameters to Check
    - take note of the numbers given, as these will be the ones you will need to go into, to delete this PIN authentication option in this instance.
  7. Select OK
  8. Select Edit messages on the screen you now see
  9. Highlight the first number given on the error message - for example 30
  10. Select Edit Fields
  11. Highlight the Parameters to Check
  12. Select Edit values
  13. Highlight the Borrower -PIN required
  14. Select DELETE
  15. Repeat Steps 8 - 13 until all these have been removed, from the different Parameters to check
  16. Once completed you will need to:
    1. Close the SIP2 Manager
    2. Restart the SIP2 service AND
    3. Restart the self-check machine being used for this instance - for this change to take affe