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Disallow e-books from being reserved

Learn how to prevent ebooks from being reserved in Amlib OpenOPAC.

Need to set your loan parameters up against the Form type you are using for E-books, for example EBK

  1. Go to Main > StockItems > StockitemForms
  2. Highlight Your E-Book Form Type
  3. Select F7Loan
  4. Ensure each Borrower Type has the CanRsve set to N
  5. And each Borrower type has RsveQty set to Zero 0
  6. Select > F3 Save
  7. If this is a change in your system then you will now need to go to the central frontend.
  8. If it’s a new Form type Select > Upload Masterdata: [ If you have made changes to Locations, Form codes, Statuses, Process etc. [adding new codes, then you need to go to run this process too]
  9. Select SAVE on this screen and then Exit
  10. Log into OpenOPAC and refresh the browser and these changes should now take affect

NOTE: For this to work correctly you should have your Reserves set to Allow reservation of Stockitems in the Configuration > Parameters screen