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Add or Change description to your Authority File of pre-existing URLs

Use the OpenOPAC Configuration settings to add or change the description to your authority file of pre-existing URLs.

If you already have URLs in your catalogue records, and have saved them to an authority file as above then:

  1. Go to Main > Authorities > MarcTagMaintenance – the Marc Tag Maintenance screen will display
  2. Enter the following settings:
    1. 1. Choose the Marc Tag Maintenance Task: drop-down, select: Add a subfield to a tag ( replaces existing ) or leave text blank to delete a subfield
    2. 2. Specify which Marc Tags(s) to apply the change to: click on the Select Tags... button, select the 856 | URL Link tag and then click the OK button
    3. 3. Select other options relating to the maintenance task: click the Options... button to apply the change to a previously created Authorities Saved Query Results File
    4. 4. New subfield type = z
    5. Enter text below = type in the text that you want to be displayed in the NetOpacs for the link – for example: Click here to open Talking Book
  3. Click the F3 Start button to run the maintenance

OpenOPAC Configuration Settings

There are two (2) alterations that need to be done to the OpenOPAC configuration to ensure that web links (URLs) display on the first search results page.

Step 1:

  1. You need to ensure you have set up OpenOPAC to display the 856 Tag , both the ‘u’ and ‘z’ Subfields
  2. Log in as Administrator
  3. Select Configuration and then select Marc Fields tab
  4. You need to set your 856 Marc tag up as below
  5. Select SAVE

NOTE: If this was not set up when you first started using OpenOPAC, then there is another step required before this will work for you

Step 2:

  1. Go to your Central Frontend [ Your IT may need to do the following steps if you do not have access to this area]

  2. Select > Initial Upload Tab
  3. Select > Clear Solr records – [required as you will need to Upload ALL catalogues again]
  4. Select > Upload all Catalogues [ This will take some time to do, so best run when library is closed or when Amlib is in low demand – after hours]
  5. This will ensure all records that have an 856 tag will now be displayed on the OpenOPAC and if you have used the ‘Z’ descriptor tag – then your description will display as hyperlinks to your items.
  6. Select > Upload Masterdata: If you have made changes to Locations, Form codes, Statuses, Process etc. [adding new codes, then you need to go to run this process too].
    Selecting a Hyperlink:

Beware of Pop-up blockers

NOTE: You must ensure you have made an exception for this site, in regards to pop-up blockers. Each Browser handles it slightly differently. If an exception is not made often the pop-up does not open and you will be returned to your search result screen

In Internet Explorer Version 9 and above:

When you first select a hyperlink you may see this at the bottom of your browser:

If you do: Select Options for this site > Always allow

Once you do this, it will add it as a permanent exception so you do not need to do the following steps:

If you did not get message above then follow these instructions to allow Pop-ups for these hyperlinks.

  1. Select the Cog top-right of screen
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Select Privacy Tab
  4. Scroll down to
  5. Select Settings
  6. Add/type in this OpenOPAC site URL as an Address of Website to allow Http//: ServerName /Main.aspx Select > Add

In Firefox Version 27 and above:

  1. Select either the Open Menu on top-right of screen
  2. Select Options OR
  3. Select Tools at top of screen > Options
  4. Select Content tab

  5. Top of this screen you will see Block pop-up windows
  6. Select Exceptions
  7. Type in the address for this website to ALLOW
  8. Select CLOSE

In Chrome Version 30 and above

  1. Select the Menu on the top-right of screen
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select
  4. Scroll down to Privacy > Select Content Settings
  5. Scroll down to Pop-ups
  6. Select Manage exceptions
  7. Type in the web address for you OpenOPAC that you want to add as an exception Http//: ServerName /Main.aspx
  8. And Select > Allow
  9. Select > Done
  10. Close this window

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