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Rebuild the MARC display

Learn how to refresh the MARC display of catalogue records in Amlib.

Refreshes the MARC display of Catalogue records based on the Used in Marc Display (Y/N) column on the Tag Subfields screen (Main > Authorities > MarcTags F7 SubF). Can be Y or N

Please Note: This task should be done when staff are NOT using the Authorities or Catalogue modules for maintenance, additions, deletions or searching.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Catalogue > CatMaintenance – the Catalog Maintenance screen will display
  3. Choose the Maintenance Task: Rebuild the Catalog Display
  4. Only consider catalogue records created before: Enter the date to which this process will apply (defaults to a year ago): enter today’s date if the rebuild is to apply to all Catalogue records
  5. Leave For cat ref insertion enter tag number here field blank
  6. Select Options relating to the Maintenance Task options – click the Options... button – the Select Tags screen will display:
  7. Select the Tag(s) you wish to refresh and click the OK button
  8. Click the F3 Start button to begin the process – a Rebuild Display prompt will display:
  9. Once the process is completed a prompt will display how many catalogue records were refreshed: A total of XXXX Catalogs have been refreshed.
  10. Click the OK button