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SCIS Z39.50 setup, download, and import

Learn how to setup, download, and import SCIS Z39.50 in Amlib.

Please Note: If and menus or permissions are not available for the user during this task, please see Granting Menu Permissions.

Set up the SCIS Target in Amlib

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Navigate to Main > Catalogue > CatZSearch
  3. Select Application > CatZServers
  4. Select the F1 New button – the Server window will open on the General tab
  5. Enter the details as below on the General tab
    • Description – SCIS
    • Display Seq – 1 (the order you would like SCIS to display in the pick list when doing a search)
    • Host –
    • Port – 7090
    • Server Type – Other
  6. Database – VOYAGER

  7. Click on the Attributes tab
  8. On the Attributes tab make sure Author, Title, ISBN, Subject and Any Keyword are ticked (for BIB Type) and all other options are not ticked. The Type for these selections must be BIB as below

  9. Click on the Advanced tab
  10. The first 3 boxes are prefilled however you need to enter the following:
    • User ID – your SCIS username (6 digits)
  11. Password – your SCIS password

  12. Select the OK button
  13. Log out of the Amlib Catalogue module using Crtl + L

Contact SCIS to Activate your Account for Z39.50 Access

The next step is to contact SCIS at or phone 1800 337 405 to activate your account for Z39.50 access. Accounts are updated daily at 11.00 am and 4.00 pm AET and you will need to provide them with the following information:

  • The TCP/IP address of the proxy server or PC used to access the SCIS z39.50 server

Please Note: If your Z39.50 settings and SCIS access are correct and you experience a 'Failed to connect' or other error message, this may be related to local network, router or firewall settings. Contact your library's technical support in the first instance and provide them with the following router / firewall settings to allow an additional access list as follows:

IP Settings

  • Destination:
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Port: 7090

Searching SCIS

  1. Launch the Amlib Client
  2. Navigate to Main > Catalogue > CatZSearch

  3. Select F5 Query
  4. Select SCIS from the Servers box

  5. Enter your terms to search on in the Search Attributes. Generally you will be searching on ISBN using the OR operator between each one, however please note that the limit for this type of search is 3 ISBN’s per search, you cannot use the last line to search for a fourth ISBN in the same search.

  6. Click OK
  7. The search will execute and the results will display

  8. Highlight records you wish to import (hold the Ctrl key and click on record to highlight more than one record) and click the F4 Import. If you wish to preview the bibliographic record before importing, just double click the title of the record.
  9. At the following popup select Yes to import into a saved file and then via Marc Take Up (longer option) or No to import the record straight into Amlib. This example uses No (direct import) however you are free to experiment with both options

  10. If you select No .... (browse to set up Saved File)

  11. Click OK
  12. A progress window will display

  13. A confirmation window will display, select OK

  14. Process the item as normal, either searching for the item in the Catalogue module or locating the saved file

Granting menu and button permissions

Granting Menu Permissions

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Highlight your username and F8 Choose

  3. Select ActualMainMenu > Catalogues > CatZSearch (or whoever menu option you need to grant)

  4. Select the green Give button


Granting Button Permissions

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Highlight your username and F8 Choose

  3. Select ViewingMenu > Catalogues > CatAttributes (or whatever screen you need to grant buttons for)

  4. Clicking on a button so that they it turns green will have the effect of granting access to that button on the applicable CatZ screen

  5. Close out of the window and log out of Amlib and back in for Supervisor changes to take effect