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Mass memo borrowers

Learn how to attach memos to Borrowers en masse by applying a Memo to a table of borrowers in Amlib.

It is possible to attach memos to Borrowers “en masse” by applying a Memo to a table of borrowers. Firstly, decide whether Memo Types will be included in the Memo, and if so ensure that the Memo Type to be selected is defined

Check Memo Types

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Supervisor screen
  2. Select Library Menu > Memo Types
  3. To add a new Memo Type select F1 New
  4. Type in a Memo Type code, and Description
  5. Enter whether the memo is Valid for Holdings (to be applied to Stockitems), Valid for Members (to be applied to Patrons), Show as Default (to pop up in Circulation Y/N)
  6. If you wish the memo to expire enter an Expire in n days time number, otherwise leave this column blank
  7. Select F3 Save and log out of Amlib and back in

Mass Memo the Borrowers

  1. Find the Borrowers to whom the Memo will be applied from a Where search or a Query. If they are Borrowers that cannot be queried at the same time, find the assorted Borrowers and save them to a File so that they can be displayed together in a borrower table. This example uses searching for borrowers for a particular class using a Where Statement
  2. Go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower Where
  3. Enter an appropriate Where Statement to find your borrowers- for example Class = 7A and Paste
  4. Select the F5 Query button (or Query to File if required)
  5. A Table of Borrowers will display. If only some of the Borrowers from the Table are to be sent Memos, highlight those Borrowers – use Ctrl + Click to select multiples, or Shift + Click to select a range.
  6. Select Mass Memo All Borrowers or Mass Memo Marked Borrower as appropriate.

Step 3: The Mass Memo Data screen will display

Enter the details as required:

  1. Select Memo Type if appropriate – this will automatically insert the Show Default, the Date Defaults and the Memo Message. To view the Memo Types available, type . <TAB> (full stop and press the TAB key)

  2. If no Memo Type is to be used, enter the Show, Start and End Dates and Message details.

Show: Y/N/O


The operator is alerted every time the Borrower’s identity is entered in circulation


The memo can be viewed from the Borrower memo option


The memo can be viewed from Opac

Date: The date (in the format of dd/mm/yyyy) to begin showing the memo. This is defaulted to today’s date but may be altered

End Date: The date (in the format of dd/mm/yyyy) to finish showing the memo. This is defaulted to the date as calculated in Supervisor, Installation, Borrower, “Delete memo after xx days”. This may be altered

Type: Optional. A type of memo can be entered to assist with deletions, reporting, queries etc.

Message Details: Text of up to 250 characters can be entered. z

Select Save [F3].

Step 4: Memos will be automatically placed against the Borrowers. When the Borrower is displayed in Circulation the memo will display if the Show is set to Y.


Whether the Memo appears in the Borrower Module depends on the Supervisor, Installation parameter for the relevant Location (from Installation Menu). Check the Borrower button – Parameter is “Show Memos in Borrower automatically