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Mass change borrower barcodes

Learn how to mass change borrower barcodes in Amlib.


Before changing the Barcodes on the Borrowers ensure that there is no likelihood of any Borrower Barcodes becoming identical to any Item barcodes. If there is a chance of this contact Customer Support prior to running the changes

Create a CSV File

  1. Export/create a CSV file with the OLD barcode in column A, and the NEW barcode in column B
  2. Right-click on the saved CSV file and open with Notepad
  3. Insert a line at the top of the file
  4. Type in: BorOldBarcode,BorNewBarcode
  5. Save the file as BarcodeChange.csv

Back-Up and Log Off

  1. Ensure that all users are logged off
  2. Ensure that NetOPACs and ZOpacs are stopped
  3. Make a backup all the Amlib databases

Run Rasissue

  1. On the Amlib server, go to into the Amlib folder
  2. Open Rasissue.exe
  3. From the main menu, select File > Login… - the Login dialogue box will open
  4. Type in the Login name: and Password: – the default is SYSADM/SYSADM (be sure you type it in UPPERCASE)
  5. Connect To: select your Live database
  6. Click the OK button – if connected the Main DB, Cat DB and Param DB headings will update with the names of the Amlib SQL databases
  7. From the main menu, select Conversions > Amlib Import > Change Barcodes > Borrowers – the Amlib Barcode Change Import File – Open screen will open
  8. Choose the BarcodeChange.csv file and click on the Open button
  9. File Position = 0 / Max Records: 1000000
  10. Click the OK button – the file will be imported
  11. The following message will appear:
  12. If there is a problem ,you can roll-back by restoring the databases from the backups made earlier
  13. Restart NetOPACs and ZOpacs and resume operations