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Mass borrower change

Learn how to mass change Borrower Group, Type, or Class in Amlib.

This process can be used to change Borrower Group, Type, Class, etc. The example used here is

Borrower Group

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Borrowers > BorrowerWhere – the Borrower Where screen will display
  3. Create a Where clause – for example: Group = CHI (this will search for all Borrowers who are in that particular group)
    1. Highlight the field to search on: Group
    2. Choose Operator: =
    3. Enter the Where condition, or the exact data you want to find – for example: CHI
    4. Click the Paste button to insert the clause into the table
  4. Click on the F7 QtoFile button – the Borrower Saved Query Results screen will now display:
  5. Click on the F1 New button to create a new Saved File
  6. Type in a name for the file in the Details column – for example: Groups to Change
  7. Click on F3 Save button
  8. Highlight the new Saved File and click on the F9 Select button to save results to this file
  9. A prompt will display noting the number of borrowers contained in the file
  10. Click the OK button
  11. Go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower – the Borrower screen will display
  12. Select File > DisplayFile – the Borrower Saved Query Results file screen will display
  13. Highlight the required Saved File and click on the F9 Select button to display the file
  14. From the Borrowers List screen, select Table > Mass Borrower Change
  15. The Mass Change of Borrowers within a File screen will display:
  16. Enter the following settings:
    1. Select the field you wish to change for all stockitems in the file example - Group
    2. Type in the new value example, which is what you are changing all stockitems to be – for example: DUT
    3. Click on the Paste button to insert the new criteria into the bottom table
    4. Click on the F3 Update button to start the mass change
  17. This will change all the Borrower Groups in this file so that they are now Dutch