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Manually enter new borrowers

Learn how to manually enter new borrowers in Amlib and find useful tips for entering information.

Manual entry of new borrowers

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Borrowers > Borrower
  2. Select Borrower > Enter New Borrower
  3. Fill in the details as required. For specific codes, you can access a list of codes in a field by entering a full stop in the field and then pressing the <Tab> key. For example in the Borrower Type field, pressing .<Tab> will display a list of your Type codes and Descriptions. Double click to make a selection.


    Compulsory fields for Borrower (apart from any Validation Rules are Barcode, Borrower Surname, Borrower Type and Address 1)

  4. After entering all necessary details select F2 Insert
  5. The Address window will then display
  6. Enter address details as necessary noting that the first address is compulsory. Click F3 Update

Useful Tips

Validation rules

Validation Rules apply to each Borrower Type and can be customised. To display the Validation Table, go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower Types screen and press F8 Validtn. Any Y entries will make the field mandatory

Borrower Suburbs

Completing the Borrower Suburb table with local information (Nearby Suburbs, Towns etc.) can assist when entering new addresses. This screen can be accessed from Main > Borrowers > Borrower screen, Application > Borrower Suburbs. Enter the suburb list with the correct postcode and choosing the suburb can bring in the suburb details into the address text box in the correct case e.g. Upper Case, saving time and making addresses more consistent.

Search for Address

Once entered and saved, Address 1 can be searched e.g. Phone No., Street name, Suburb, Postcode etc.

Most Codes and Descriptions can be sorted

For example, Suburb name & Code can be sorted in Ascending or Descending order. Click on the Column Name and select Asc or Desc.

Borrower Types

If the Borrower Type ages are entered, the Borrower Type code will automatically be entered when the Date of Birth is entered e.g. Adult will be entered if the date is entered over 18 years.

Default Gender can be added to Title

This can save a small amount of time when entering new users