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MARC take up of SLWA eBook Records

Learn how to access the SLWA eBook records available for download in Amlib.

MARC take-up (SLWA special file) - Ebook Data

SLWA have a data file for Ebooks made available to State Library Public Libraries to download Overdrive records so that they can exist on the Catalogue within each library to show it has the available resources. This is made up of approximately 7621 Catalogue records that should be loaded in the following way.

The key points are:

  • Check the matching as there could be a Book record already on file with both Ebook and Book ISBNs
  • Load with Full Catalogue and Stockitems option chosen so that dummy Stockitem records will display (will have a STOCK barcode for the Ebook record)

Accessing the Data for the Download

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Authorities > MarcTakeUp (alternatively use Ctrl + M) – the Marc Import screen will display:

  3. Click the F1 Open button to display the Open dialogue box
  4. Locate the file to be processed by using the Look in: drop-down box – for example: if the file is on the C: drive, the Look in: box may say Local Disk (C:)
  5. Once the file name has been located, use your mouse to select it and click on the Open button
  6. The Marc Import – Open screen will display:

  7. Complete the options using the above table:
    • Marc Options = Bibliographic Data
    • Open and Update = leave unticked,
    • Load Range = All
  8. Click on the OK button

Bibliographic Options

  1. The Bibliographic Options screen will display:
    • Tick Full Catalogue & Stockitem data so that dummy items will be created
    • Make the Form EBK to ensure the dummy items get the correct Form

  2. Click the OK button once you have completed modifying your settings
  3. Once the data has been reviewed, click the F3 Update button

Catalogue Update Options

  1. The Update Options screen will then display, allowing you to select the Cat(alogue) and (Stock)Item Options:
    • Cat Options: When an incoming Catalogue is matched with an existing Catalogue

      It is important to choose the Display an IGNORE/REPLACE option as there may already be some of the ISBNs for Ebooks already on the system (they have been catalogued for the Book version to show both the Ebook and Book ISBN by SLWA in previous exchanges).

      For Example: Stalin’s Barber has 2 ISBNs for the Book record from a previous exchange (If left to replace it will replace the Book record with the Ebook record) so ensure you choose the Ignore/Replace option as described

  2. Enter File names as appropriate so the records can found easily after the load has completed. Click OK after the File names are entered

    If a record’s ISBN matches with an existing record a message will display and a decision can be made about the two records. The red colour in the uploading Catalogue points out the differences. Mainly check on the Title of each record:
    • They are the same after reviewing the Top record (existing) with the Bottom record (uploading) – answer Yes so the uploaded record does not get uploaded
    • They are different – answer No to get the new Catalogue record created
    • They are the same and the uploaded Catalogue is preferred to that already on the system – choose Replace

      Another example

  3. From this window, generally select No the records are not the same so that the load will preserve the Book Catalogue and bring in the Ebook record as a separate catalogue

    There may however be some Catalogue records that are the same and therefore you can answer Yes, in those cases after you have checked both records carefully. In the example below, the records are both online resources (as shown in the 300 Tag)

  4. An Update prompt will display, indicating the progress of the import:

  5. When the update is finished an Update prompt will display, showing the number of records Updated: Record Numbers 1 to 7621 have been Updated.

  6. Click the OK button
  7. You will be able to view the log by selecting the F6 Log button

F6 Marc Log

This log lists any errors that were experienced in the process of importing the file and also what action was taken with certain items. Most of the errors that display in the log are caused by the tag numbers not being defined on the Amlib database. This may be because we did not wish to use them in the Catalogue data but were present in the data file.