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Branch Opening Hours Override Settings

Learn how to override your WorldShare institution's branch opening hours.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the WMS Institution left navigation, select Branch Opening Hours Override Settings.

Branch-specific hours

Use this screen to indicate if WMS should use branch specific hours.

  • WMS uses your institution's hours in your circulation policies (to determine due dates, calculate fines, etc.).
  • These settings only apply to libraries with multiple branches.
  • Entries for each of your branches are automatically created based on the branches you have entered on the Holding Codes Translation Table screen in the WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local module.
  • You do not need to make changes on this screen if you want all of your branches to use your main branch hours.
  • Authorized users can configure their branch hours on the Open Hours screen in the WorldCat registry module by signing in with your branch's Branch Registry ID. Enter the Branch's Registry ID into the Select an Institution drop-down list and navigate to the Open Hours screen. For information on signing into Service Configuration, see Signing In. See Relationships for information about authorizing users for specific branch registry IDs.
  • Contact OCLC Support if you do not have access to edit your branch locations in Service Configuration.

Edit branch opening hours override settings

 Note: Do not edit the Branch Id or Branch name.

  1. For WMS to use a branch's hours, check the Use Branch Hours box next to the branch.
  2. Click Save.