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Patron Custom Data

Learn how to set up patron customer data for your WorldShare Management Services institution.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the WMS Institution left navigation, select Patron Custom Data.

Use this screen to set up patron custom data.

  • There are four Custom Data fields available.
  • You can make the custom data fields free text or add predefined options that staff can select in patron accounts.
  • The custom data fields you define on this screen appear in the Custom Data section in a patron's account:
    • In the WMS Circulation module, retrieve the patron's account, then click the Profile tab.
    • In the WMS Admin module, retrieve the patron's account.
  • You can include these data elements into ongoing patron file loads (tab-delimited and XML). For more information on patron loads, see Patron data files.

Add or edit patron custom data

  1. In the text field, enter the title of your custom data field.
  2. Optional. Add predefined options that staff can select in the patron account. If you do not add any options, the field will be free text.
    • To add an option, click the Add button (Add button).
    • To remove an option, click the Remove button (Remove button).
  3. Select Show in profile to include the field in the Custom Data section in patron accounts.
  4. Click Save.