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Find a copy

Find out how to find a copy in the library, request an item, and buy an item in

In the list of search results, relevant items that your library owns are listed first. Actual item availability is listed in the item details. The item’s availability status will be listed, along with other information such as location and due date.

IP address recognition employs a technology called "IP recognition." For your convenience, the site tries to determine your location based on the unique Internet Protocol address assigned to the network connection or Internet Service Provider you are using. It then automatically assigns a location or presents a list of possible geographic locations based on that address.

If you are using your normal Internet connection from a remote location, such as logging on while on vacation, it is possible that the options generated by IP recognition will not reflect your current location. If you manually change your location, that will write a cookie to your machine which will override’s automatically assigned location.

Find a copy in the library

This section allows you to look up libraries that own the item. You may enter a location in the box provided to narrow your results by your location.

Each library listing includes the library's name, and an indication of which formats of the item it owns, plus a Library info link to the library's profile page. The profile page includes information about the library, such as location and contact information, links to the library’s website, catalog and virtual reference. You may also find a link to Apply for a library card.

Click Search at this library (if available) to go directly to that library's holdings.

Some listings may display a link to the library's online Ask a librarian service. Select a library name link to visit that library's online catalog for more information about the item, or add the library to your favorites by clicking the Add to favorites link.

If an item is currently available, you may place an item on hold (Place Hold) or request an item (Request Item), depending on how the library has chosen to set this up.

To borrow or obtain a copy:

  1. Click Request Item or Place Hold. The library's catalog will respond with a Request or Hold Verification page.
     Note: You may be prompted for an ID and password, and/or be asked to pay a fee.
  2. Enter your information.
  3. Click Submit. A confirmation dialog appears.
  4. Close the confirmation window.

Request an Article/Journal/Magazine

Click on a result after a search. Online links to electronic items may be available. In addition, a button may display linking you to your library’s online journal service. If full-text is available, direct links to the article are provided. Your library may have a number of article databases available for your use.

Find a copy online accordion in

 Note: There are multiple ways to access electronic resources. Options and button names may vary.

Citations for articles are included from whatever article databases for which your library has a subscription. Links may be provided to articles available in full-text or print from your library.

Buy a copy

If your library has enabled the purchase option, Buy it links appear in the item details.

Buy a copy links in

You may click links to available suppliers such as or Barnes & Noble, where you can decide whether you would like to buy the item.