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Why is my WorldShare account expired?

  • The error message Your account has expired. Please contact your library or OCLC Customer Support for assistance. appears when trying to log in. 
  • The error message The username or password is invalid. Authentication failed. appears when trying to log in.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services

This error means that your WorldShare account has passed the Expiration Date listed in your Admin record. When creating accounts, if no date is provided, the expiration date will be set to 60 months (five years) by default.

  1. To resolve this issue, ask someone whose account is not expired, but does have access to the Admin tab, to reset the Expiration Date to a date in the future.  After they re-save your record, you should be able to log in again. 
  2. In the Admin tab, under User Management, limit the search to Name.
  3. Search for the user whose account has expired in the first search box.  When the search results appear, click the user's name to view their details, and click Edit (top right) to re-set the user expiration date.
  4. When you have finished updating the details, click Save at the bottom.
  5. If the same error occurs after changing the Expiration Date, reset the WorldShare account's password. Passwords expire every five years.
  6. If problem persists, clear your browser's cache and cookies, restart the browser and try again. If that fails, contact OCLC Support.
Additional information

Information on the Expiration Date field is in the Basic User Data page. 

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