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User is getting a login error, but there is no password reset link to change it

  • A user can't sign in to WorldShare and would like to update their password, but there is no Identity Management box with the password reset link
Applies to
  • WorldShare 

If you don't see the Identity Management box in the user's account when viewing it in the Admin module of WorldShare, the account is likely using a third-party authentication system (ie. LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, etc...). Password resets for these accounts are not managed through WorldShare and you will need to contact your local IT. If the User ID at Source or Source System needs to be updated, they account will need to be included in a patron data file. 

If problems persists or you are unsure whether you are using a third-party authentication system, contact OCLC Support with your library symbol and problem account information. 

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