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Why is the ILL Shipped Date one day behind the Received or Requested Date?

  • Shipped Date is behind by one date from the Received Date
  • Shipped Date ie behind by one date from the Requested Date
Applies to
  • WorldShare ILL
  • Tipasa

The issue stems from systems that are connecting to WorldShare ILL/Tipasa using an older SOAP API method that is not timezone aware. CLIO and ILLiad are two ILL systems that will be effected by this.
When a lender using ILLiad or CLIO updates a request to ship it can only send the mm/dd/yyyy with no time stamp.  It is then logged as being updated at YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00.000Z UTC in the WorldShare ILL/Tipasa system.  Because WorldShare ILL/Tipasa is time zone aware, the initial date is translated to be at midnight. The system then takes into consideration the timezone the lender is in, and adjusts it further. Any library in a -UTC timezone is going to have its date translated into the past.

OCLC has made an updated API available to these systems external to WorldShare ILL and Tipasa, but we cannot dictate when these external systems will be updated to utilize this new API.

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