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Why am I getting an error message about invalid symbols when I try to submit a request?

  • User gets an error message at the top of the request form, saying "Lender String, '*symbol(s)', contains the following invalid symbols: *symbol(s)" and is unable to submit the request as a result. 
Applies to
  • WorldShare ILL 
  • Tipasa

This error message occurs when a library is not marked as supplier in WorldShare ILL and Tipasa. The library can display a holding on the book, but when the Supplier status is "No", you will be unable to request the book through the system. Please follow the steps below in case there are more holdings for the requested material. If there are no other holdings available, you may want to extend your search to other editions and formats.

  1. Navigate back to the lender string screen, by clicking View Holdings next to the displayed OCN in the request form.
  2. (Optional) select a Custom Holdings Path to automatically fill your lender string.
  3. View the holdings of this item and click "Yes" in the Supplier column of libraries you would like to fill the lender string with, and click Update Request.
  4. You will now be able to successfully send the request with available suppliers.
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