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How does the Schedule work with the ILL Policies Directory and if you choose a supplier status of yes or no?

  • You are scheduling a closure and you want to know which you should use for the Supplier Status?  Should you choose Yes or No?
Applies to
  • ILL Policies Directory.  This will be used for any Interlibrary Loan you use at OCLC.

When you are scheduling a Closure, one of the choices is if you are going to use Yes or No for Supplier status.

  1. If you choose yes, then you are saying your Library is closed, but you will be receiving ILL requests.
  2. If you choose no, then you are saying your Library is closed and you will not be receiving ILL requests.
Additional information

If you choose no for the Supplier status, then anyone looking for libraries for an item will see you lowercase on the scheduled day.  If you are in a lender string from a previous request and that day, your symbol comes up, you will be showing as lowercase and the request will go past your institution.

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