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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release Notes, February 2022


Release Date: February 20, 2022


This release of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan provides a new feature in addition to numerous bug fixes. These features will help you manage more complex workflows, including:

Recommended actions

For this release, we recommend that you review the following checklists and complete the relevant tasks so that you can adjust your policies and workflows and train your staff. These checklists identify updates that we have determined as significant for most institutions. We encourage you to review all of the items in the release notes to determine whether there are other items that might require additional action or follow up by your institution.

Administrative actions

These items require immediate action or decisions.


For best performance, it's very important to clear your browser's cache before starting to work with WorldShare ILL!

Be sure to utilize Smart fulfillment functionality, including:

If the link to your library’s catalog has not been set up or if the link needs to be updated, follow the instructions below. When you have enabled your online catalog links, you can search your catalog for requested items as a borrower or lender.'s_online_catalog

Have you updated addresses within each of your borrower and lender Constant Data records in OCLC Service Configuration? If not, please do so on behalf of all your borrowing and lending partners. Address labels do not print properly unless the addresses are formatted correctly.
Have your contact information or lending policies changed? If so, please make the appropriate updates in OCLC Policies Directory.

Follow-up actions

In an effort to keep your staff informed of new features and changes, you may also want to consider these items.


Share these release notes with your colleagues.

Have you signed up for email alerts for News in the Community Center? This will ensure that WorldShare Interlibrary Loan release notes and events will come straight to your inbox. 

New features and enhancements

Discover items more efficiently using new search customization options

You can now customize search option preferences, both for basic and advanced searching. These settings are remembered from session to session and are based on username, so each staff member can customize this based on their own preferences. 


Searching - Basic

You can now customize the default scope and sorting method when doing a basic search.


You can also choose which search indexes will be displayed in the menu, and in what order. In order to change the default sorting method and search index, click on the hyperlinked search scope name. When done making customizations, remember to save. 


Searching - Advanced

You can also customize the advanced search function the same way as the basic search, with more indexes to choose from. The advanced search customization also allows you to set an optional language of cataloging and source of cataloging preference. 


For more information, see Discover Items.

Bug fixes

Requests can be resubmitted when a lender in the previous string changes their supplier status to no. Previously, this resulted in an error message. 

For a list of current and recently fixed issues, see Known issues.

Future releases  

Roadmap information is available in the OCLC Community Center.

Important links

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OCLC invites you to view the recordings of the presentations from the OCLC Resource Sharing Conference web series.  This year’s series of six free, virtual sessions featured electronic document delivery, controlled digital lending, and moving resource sharing forward during this challenging time.

RSC21 included these sessions:

  • Tuesday, March 30, 1:00-2:30 pm | “Page, scan, send, reshelve: A mobile scanning station for ILL electronic document delivery service” 
  • Wednesday, April 28, 11:00 am-12:30 pm | “ILL and the pandemic: Learning from the unexpected”
  • Wednesday, May 12, 1:00-2:30 pm | “Renewing resource sharing in challenging times: Collaborating to meet library user needs and demonstrating the value of ILL services”
  • Tuesday, May 25, 1:00-2:30 pm | “Managing resource sharing during COVID-19 pandemic: Experiences and impacts—three perspectives”
  • Thursday, June 10, 1:00-2:30 pm | “Controlled digital lending in two private academic libraries: Same services with diverse tools”
  • Tuesday, June 15, 11:00 am-12:30 pm | “A look at ILL into the future: An update on your ILL services”

Recordings of these 60 minute presentations are available here.

Virtual Workshop Series: Learn how to fine-tune your ILL setup

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The series included the following topics: 

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