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Patron Settings

If you are a Tipasa user looking for help with Patron Request Management or Patron Account Management, see the Tipasa documentation page.

Patron Data Retention

Determine how long to retain patron data after a request is closed.  The default period for retaining patron data on closed requests is one month.  You can specify between 1 and 84 months to retain this information.

 Note: Patron data present on requests is encrypted in the database.

After a request has been closed for the specified retention period:

  • Patron data is purged from the request.
  • Staff will no longer be able to search by Patron Name or Patron ID when retrieving closed requests.

The patron data will be retained in the request for the amount of time specified at the time the request closes.  Altering this setting after the request has already closed will not change the amount of time the data is retained for that request.   ​​​​

Screenshot of setting for how long patron data will be retained in the request