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Respond to a request with the Answer Retry action

Learn how to use the Answer Retry action in UnityUK.

If you are unable to lend an item when requested, but might be able to satisfy the request in the near future e.g. the item is currently on loan, you should select the Answer Retry action for the request.

Answer Retry action in request details

The Reason should be provided, and a Public Note added if you wish to provide more information.

You should also enter the retry date as the date that the item will be available to lend. The retry will only be effective after that date. The system defaults to today's date but you should enter a date in the future when the item is going to be available.

ILL Request Action: Answer Retry screen

If the item request is not satisfied by the remaining locations in the rota, then, after the Retry date is reached, the request will automatically be sent back to the Lender who responded with the Answer Retry action.