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Ship an item

Learn how to ship an requested item in UnityUK.

If you have a requested item in stock and you are willing to lend it to the borrowing library, you must notify the requester through UnityUK that you are supplying. This will send a message to the requesting library that you are supplying the item, and will prevent the request from moving on to the next potential lender in the rota after 10 days. If you do not take the Shipped action on sending the item, there is a risk that the requesting library will receive multiple copies of the requested item from more than one lender.

Select the Shipped action for the request and click the Action button.

Shipped action in request details

After choosing the Shipped action, you are presented with the Action: Shipped screen, where you can enter the loan’s due date, alter the Service Type, Payment Type, or Delivery Method, or Cost, or add a note to the request.

ILL Request Action: Shipped screen