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Manage lending requests

Learn how to fulfill, decline, resend, and close a RapidILL request in Tipasa.

Fulfill a RapidILL request

Requests fulfilled by RapidILL are noted in the item's lender string with an asterisk (*) next to RAPID. RapidILL issues a new request in Tipasa for the currently assigned lender in the pod. The Reference ID is the number by which the request is known in the RapidILL system.

To view RapidILL requests in your Tipasa queues:

  • If you have created a lending priority group, you can view RapidILL requests in the Can You Supply? queue, in the RAPID lending priority group.
  • RapidILL requests will appear with a borrower symbol of RAPID, rather than the requesting institution's OCLC symbol.
  • To view all of your institution's lending requests, search for requests using RAPID as the Borrower Symbol.  To locate a specific request, search using the Reference ID.

To provide a requested item:

  1. Collect the item from the shelf and scan.

     Note: You may use Advanced Lending queues to manage this process.

  2. Add the scanned document in the Article Exchange field. Be sure to attach the file.
  3. Apply constant data, if applicable.

     Note: IFM does not apply to RapidILL requests.

  4. Click Yes to complete the delivery.

The request will be updated with RapidILL and the borrower's OCLC request ID will be updated with In Transit status and the Article Exchange link.

 Note: The Need Before Date for RapidILL requests in Tipasa is set to a default of +6 days, which reflects the maximum amount of time RapidILL allows each request to remain with a lender (4 business days).  If RapidILL moves the request sooner than the Need Before Date in Tipasa, the request will no longer appear in the lender’s queue.

Respond to an incorrect or incomplete citation

Borrowing libraries may not provide enough information for you to fulfill the request.

To respond to a request that does not contain sufficient information:

  1. Open the request.
  2. Select Not found as cited.

Note: It is important to select the correct response. If the request is marked No, it will be forwarded to the next lender in the RAPID lending group. Selecting Not found as cited will return the request to the borrower so that they can update the request.

 Note:  When you respond Not found as Cited, the request will no longer appear in your lending queues.

Decline a request

If your institution cannot fulfill the request for any other reason, click No. An unfilled response will be sent to RapidILL. The Tipasa request will be closed and no longer appear in your lending queues. The request will not be available by searching, as you are no longer the supplying lender.

You may select a reason for declining the request and the information will be saved with the Tipasa request.

Resend requests

If the borrower requests a resend from the RapidILL interface, the lender's Tipasa request will be updated to Not Received. Your library will have to supply the requested document to the requesting library directly via email.

Close a request

Requests will close for lenders:

  • After 7 days, requests that have been supplied will move to the Not Received queue.
  • After 180 days, these Not Received requests will be closed as Not Received and archived.
  • The lender may choose to manually remove requests in Not Received status from the queues by individually marking them as Checked-in/Complete.
  • If the borrower decides to Move On, the request will be updated to Refused and will no longer be available to the lender.