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Configure OpenURL

Learn how to setup OpenURL request buttons in WorldCat Discovery to direct your patrons to Tipasa when placing ILL requests.

Configure OpenURL request buttons in WorldCat Discovery

Setup your base OpenURL and enable Request Buttons to direct your patrons to Tipasa when placing ILL requests.  

Setup your base OpenURL

For more information about OpenURL Resolvers, see Manage Resolvers.

  1. Navigate to the OpenURL Resolvers > Manage Resolvers module of the OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. Click Create Resolver.
  3. In the Base URL field, enter your base Tipasa OpenURL:

       Note: Your URL must include https and the ? appearing at the end of the URL.   

  4. Enter a Resolver Name that indicates this is for your Tipasa OpenURL. 
    • This text will only appear to authenticated patrons using
  5. Click Submit.

Enable Request Buttons

For more information, see Place Hold/Request Buttons.

For libraries using WorldCat Discovery, enable the Request Button.

  1. Navigate to the WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > Place Hold/Request Buttons module of the OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. Locate the Resource Sharing (Any Level) section.
  3. Configure the fields below:
    • Resource Sharing Button Label: enter the text to appear on the Tipasa request button in WorldCat Discovery
      • For best display, keep this label under 40 characters.
    • Type of button configuration: select OpenURL 1.0
    • Choose an OpenURL Resolver from the OpenURL Resolvers you have already registered with OCLC: select the Tipasa OpenURL resolver previously configured.
  4. Under the For items owned by WorldCat Libraries section, determine which item types should display the OpenURL request button in WorldCat Discovery.
    • If you do not want patrons to be able to place an ILL request for a particular item type, select None.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Tips on giving your base URL to other providers

If you need to update OpenURLs that display in your various databases or if you use other discovery interfaces, you will need to make those changes within those providers' platforms.

Contact your discovery layer or database support and supply them with theTipasa Base OpenURL:


If there is a Custom Links or OpenURL field in the discovery layer's administrative interfaces, you may need to enter your Tipasa Base OpenURL here.