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Manage Resolvers

Learn how to manage your list of link resolvers to deliver electronic resources to Web users.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the OpenURL Resolvers left navigation, select Manage Resolvers.

Use this screen to list link resolvers that deliver appropriate electronic resources to a Web user. 

This is a workflow change from the previous screen, which was previously located under WorldCat Registry. If you are a user new to Service Configuration, set your IP address first, using the Manage IP Addresses screen.

Add an OpenURL resolver

  1. Click Create Resolver.  The resolver screen opens.
  2. Fill out the resolver fields.  Required fields include:
    • Base URL
    • Resolver Name
    • OpenURL Version
  3. Click Submit to save and continue, or Cancel to start over.

Once you have added your OpenURL resolver, you will need to add the OpenURL Resolver ID to your IP Address Range Attributes.  See Manage IP Addresses for additional information.  

  • To find your OpenURL Resolver ID:
    1. Hover over the Resolver Name column in the desired row.
    2. Select the Edit button.
    3. The resolver screen will display with the OpenURL ID at the top.

Edit an OpenURL resolver

  1. From the OpenURL Resolvers list:
  2. Hover over the Resolver Name column in the desired row.
  3. Select the Edit button.
  4. The resolver screen opens where you can edit the resolver fields.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.