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Tipasa account roles

Learn about the roles available for managing accounts in Tipasa.

WorldShare Admin

Tipasa and WorldShare ILL share the same roles in WorldShare Admin. For more information about roles and managing accounts, see WorldShare Admin, User management.

To view all available WorldShare roles, see WorldShare Admin, Roles.


  • WorldShare ILL Admin
  • WorldShare ILL User


Tipasa roles comparison

Action Roles
WorldShare ILL Admin WorldShare ILL User
Assign roles to other users. Create a user that automatically has the Everyone role assigned. x  
Author ad-hoc reports in the analytics environment
(Tipasa only)
Can use OCLC Service Configuration. x  
Create users, regardless of module (Circ, Acq, etc.) x  
Delete users. x  
Perform all operations, including assigning roles to users. x  
Read information about users, regardless of module (Circ, Acq, etc.) x  
Retrieve and view users. x  
Run ad-hoc reports in the analytics environment
(Tipasa only)
The security context contains all the information about a given user (especially what actions they can perform). This permission allows the user to perform actions on behalf of another user (patron). x  
Update information about other users, regardless of module (Circ, Acq, etc.) x  
Update institution configuration information relating to authentication and authorization. x  
Use the Forgot Password feature to get a new password. x x
Use of WorldShare ILL. x x
View ad-hoc reports in the analytics environment
(Tipasa only)
View copy and item-level holdings for their institution in WorldCat. x x
View information about a user’s accounts. In some circumstances this may include identifying information about accounts external to OCLC (e.g. where OCLC receives periodic patron updates from an external system, or where authentication is managed by an external system). x  
View and export My Library reports under Analytics > Collection Evaluation. x x
If using WorldCat Discovery, create requests for patrons using the Staff ILL Request button in the item detail view of the WorldCat Discovery interface.   x x