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Een account aanmaken

Find information about creating, editing, and deleting staff accounts in Resource Sharing for Groups.

If you already use WorldShare Management Services, WorldShare Collection Manager, or WorldShare License Manager, you have an existing OCLC Services account that gives you access to several services in the WorldShare platform. Before you log on for the first time, you will need to work with someone at your institution who has administrative rights to add permissions to your account. If you need assistance, contact OCLC Support in your region.

Best practices for creating an account

  • Follow the account naming conventions used by your institution when creating user names.
  • If you are creating accounts for your staff members, make sure you tell them their user name soon after you create the account. They will need their username to create a password.
  • Create an account for each employee accessing the system. Staff should not share accounts.
  • Do not re-use staff accounts.
  • Delete accounts for staff who are no longer with your institution.

Once you are in the interface, bookmark the home page for future use.

Create, edit or delete additional staff accounts

To create additional staff accounts:

  • Navigate to the WorldShare interface > Admin tab. See the documentation on User management for more information.

To edit or delete an account:

  1. Navigate to the WorldShare interface > Admin tab.
  2. See the documentation on User management for more information.

Assign roles to a staff account

  1. In the user account, expand the Roles accordion.
  2. Within the Roles accordion, click Edit (on the far right).
  3. Select the appropriate roles.
    • For more information on the actions users can perform with individual roles, see Roles
    • All accounts must have the Everyone role assigned. The Everyone role is included automatically and should not be removed
  4. Click Save.


  • If a new or existing user needs access to a particular WorldShare module, the role can only be assigned by another user with the module's Admin role. 
    • For example, WorldShare ILL roles can only be assigned by another user with the WorldShare ILL Admin role. 
  • For a user to be able to assign every role in WorldShare, they must have all of the Admin roles assigned to their account.

For additional information about how to manage user accounts, see User Management.

 Refer to Resource Sharing for Groups account roles for more information.