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About Resource Sharing for Groups

Find an overview of the interface and the features available in Resource Sharing for Groups.


Resource Sharing for Groups builds on OCLC's established resource sharing services to provide a consortial borrowing solution that fully integrates with your library services platform to mobilize your group's collaborative collection for fast delivery to library users. Existing OCLC resource sharing services offer a range of features that allow you to connect your collection to library users. Resource Sharing for Groups builds on these features to offer expanded functionality and options.

The table below illustrates some of differing features between services. Please note that the consortial borrow solution and enhanced requestability only applies to the group/consortium. Individual subscribers of the group are able to extend their license to include regular ILL services, in order to request outside of the group.

Features WorldShare ILL, Tipasa, or ILLiad OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups
Full set of borrowing and lending tools x x
Ability to borrow and lend electronic and physical resources x x
Automated workflows with smart fulfillment capabilities x x
Improved in-group and user fulfillment with enhanced requestability   x
Single user profile to manage local group requests, and optionally global requests   x
Library users get best delivery choice and estimated arrival date   x
Group analytics enables the group to further refine policies, workflows, etc.   x

Enhanced requestability feature uses automation and machine learning

One of the most powerful features included with Resource Sharing for Groups is the enhanced requestability feature. Enhanced requestability fills ILL requests quickly by dynamically assessing each libraries loan policies, shelving locations, availability, and other factors to locate the fastest suppliers. Once a request is submitted, automatic load balancing of the lender string sends requests to the fastest lender for your library, while preventing any specific libraries from being overburdened. The image below illustrates how this process works to select those lenders that can get resources in the hands of users more quickly.

Consortial borrowing across library management systems

Unlike most consortial borrowing systems, Resource Sharing for Groups interoperates with many different library management systems and discovery services. Even if member libraries rely on a variety of library management systems, Resource Sharing for Groups can still allow the seamless sharing of collections among members and an integrated user experience through the use of industry standards and APIs. Group members have choice and flexibility as Resource Sharing for Groups is provider-neutral and integrates with most library management systems and discovery services. 

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OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups

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This video provides an overview of OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups functionalities using WorldShare ILL.

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