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How does OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging compare to OCLC Connexion?

Applies to
  • Z39.50 

Although Z39.50 Cataloging does allow users to access WorldCat and authority databases, add holdings and edit bibliographic records, it  does not provide the same functionality as OCLC Connexion.

The following list of Z39.50 Cataloging limitations illustrates some of the major differences between the two cataloging services:

  • Create new bibliographic or authority records
  • Import or export MARC records
  • Use Constant Data records
  • Work offline
  • Validate records
  • Display and delete holdings
  • There is no lock and replace capability for libraries that perform enhance, CONSER, and upgrading activities.
  • Upload original cataloging records.
  • Transliterate Latin text to non-Latin text
  • Control headings
  • Submit for review
  • Print labels
  • Use the online and offline save files
  • Create and use macros
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There is a table that compares all cataloging products.

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