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How do I get volume or number enumeration to display together chronologically on LHR record details in Discovery?

  • In other words, how could I get two entries, no. 1-6 (1966) and no. 7-12 (1966) to be listed on two separate lines one below the other, and the same thing for all the other years?

  • It doesn't seem to matter what indicators I use in the 853 field.  It still separates them by the level of enumeration.

  • The vol./no. data is grouped together in Discovery and the list counts down by year.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • Connexion
  • WorldCat Discovery

In this case the year is being used as chronology, but we want instead to use year as the first level of enumeration. 

  • First, check the MARC record 863 fields for subfields i,k,j, or l for the year value being displayed. 
    • Those subfields control chronology and Discovery reads those fields first in putting together the LHR record display list.

If a designation consists of a year and a number that is a division of the year, give the year before the number.

  • Remove the ‡i-‡l  subfield Chronology data
  • write the year into the LHR record under ‡a-‡f  Enumeration


Here is an example that uses the 863 $a and $b:

MARC WorldCat Discovery
853 21 $8 1 $a (year:no.)  
863 31 $8 1.1 $a 1966 $b 1-6  1966: no.1-1966: no.6
863 31 $8 1.2 $a 1966 $b 7-12 1966: no.7-1966: no.12

The enumeration can also be done all in one 863 subfield $a as below:

MARC WorldCat Discovery
853 21 $8 1 $a (year:no.)  
863 31 $8 1.1 $a 1966: no. 1-6 1966: no.7-12
863 31 $8 1.1 $a 1966: no. 7-12 1966: no.1-6


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